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Why can’t I focus?

You might have noticed that I keep these blogs short.

This is because my own anxiety makes it difficult to focus, so when I am reading other blogs or articles, no matter how interesting they are, or how much I want to keep reading, the focus just goes.

The Mayo Clinic lists “Difficulty concentrating, or the feeling that your mind goes blank” as one of the symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder.

Since most grounding and relaxation techniques require that you remain present, and practise mindfulness, and the research overwhelmingly shows that these techniques help anxiety, how can we incorporate them with the lack of focus that anxiety can cause?

I put together a few techniques, but first Click here to sign up for 3 months free Amazon Music, search for short meditations. You will find the CD below:

This CD has 26 songs, all about 4 minutes long and they are all amazing. Guided for me means someone talking you through, but these are just music, so they are the perfect for these techniques.

Technique 1:

Get a small piece of food that you can hold. Choose something different every day. Listen to the beautiful music and really examine the item in your hand

  • What does it look like;
  • How does it feel;
  • What is the texture against your skin;
  • How does it smell;
  • What does it taste like?

The music will last around 4 minutes, which doesn’t seem long. However it is enough time to practise being present, focused without pushing yourself too far.

Respect the limitations that anxiety gives you. These limitations have something to teach you, so be gentle on yourself.

Technique 2:

Another exercise that you can do during the 4 minute music is focused breathing. Close your eyes, focus on the music and breathe in, then breathe out. For the next 4 minutes, this will be your only focus. Do not judge yourself if you feel tense or other thoughts come into your mind. Be aware of these. This is a very short time that is for you and your focus. So focus on the in and the out of your breathe.

Technique 3:

If you prefer to have your eyes open, or are not in a place where you can close your eyes, put on the music and look around. See and observe everything, with no judgement. Look at everything and ask yourself, what can I see? What colours are there? What can I smell? Feel? Take in as much as possible. Enjoy this time.

These techniques are not designed to cure your anxiety. If I had the cure, I would not be learning this all with you. It is designed to help you to practise the extremely healing practise of mindfulness, but within your own limitations.

I really hope that you find these techniques helpful!

Enjoy and be kind to yourself!

Love, @powerofanxiety