Anxiety Inspiration

The Power of the Anxious Mind

Ask yourself:

What would you think if you knew that it absolutely would change your life?

What thoughts would you choose if you knew that they made a difference?

What if you knew that your mind was powerful?

Anxiety is crippling right? It consumes everything. How we feel, how we think, how we look at the world.

But let’s change perspective here – look at all these extremely powerful thoughts that we are creating. Could it be that we can use that power to create better feelings?

If the thoughts we have are creating something so strong, how can we use that power to create what we want?


Go somewhere quiet, where you know that you won’t be disturbed. Take a piece of paper and a pen and ask yourself:

What do I want to feel?

You will probably find words like calm, happy, peaceful, no longer anxious all come up. Go gently with yourself. This is not an exercise to judge why you don’t feel that way in this moment. Allow how you feel and be loving with yourself. You got this).

Take one word, let’s say calm, and think to yourself, what would I need to feel calm. Close your eyes and feel you are calm. What are you thinking?

Write down what comes up! This will be extremely personal to you, but for sure it won’t be negative thoughts.

As you go about your day, and an anxious thought appears – and it will – just listen to it and then replace it with your happy thought. Do this as often as you catch the anxious thought. Don’t be concerned by how often you think anxious thoughts, this will take practice. Allow yourself to use the power of your mind to feel positive.

You can do it.

Love, @powerofanxiety