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Should I join a support group?

I recently discovered the power of a support group and I have been thinking ever since, why didn’t I do this sooner?

The beauty of the internet means that we no longer have to suffer alone. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a meningioma, a large benign brain tumour. This week I found a support group and reading through the posts was amazing, as every one of the posts was what I had gone through. Other people who had gone through what I had, or others who were about to, who I could support. A place where I could give & receive!

So why didn’t I look for this before? My anxiety stopped me from looking!

My fear of Google. But also the fear of accepting what I had been through. Living with anxiety is so overwhelming, so when something traumatic happens, do we deal well with it? We are hyper prepared for problems and then when they come, are we really better prepared? Was all the worry worth it?

I write a lot on this blog about techniques to remain in the present, and the reason is that anxiety robs us of the present. It makes us worry about something we have done or said in the past or worry about things that are coming or could come in the future. The result is that we lose out on the present, and then beat ourselves up for that after, which steals that present moment from us. It can be a long journey.

What I have found with support group is something I never imagined I would find in one, I am normal. The thoughts that go through my mind may not be the ones that I want to occupy the space, but in this present moment, they are the current occupants, and that is okay.

A support group brings us back into the present moment, helps us to feel part of a tribe & help others, which is so important. The best thing about this anxiety thing is that we are the most empathetic people, who see suffering in others that other people may not perceive. So to be able to help, is great for your soul!

Ideally we all want to find the best way to get rid of our anxiety, but for today, find support groups, join and give and receive help!

Love, @powerofanxiety