Anxiety Inspiration

You are a survivor!

Anxiety wants to try to take away our power by making us feel weak.

There are the physical symptoms, like insomnia, disrupted sleep, exhaustion, headaches, upset stomach and that feeling of being overwhelmed all the time. Not to even mention the panic attacks.

Then there are the emotional aspects. The vicious cycle of doubt in our ability, as the anxiety tries to make us feel that we are not strong.

But I want you to take a second to think about something really difficult that you have gone through. You survived that! No matter how you feel about how you handled it, you did! As humans we have this amazing ability to survive things. The fear of not being able to cope is another symptom of anxiety.

We cannot live in the past, however, if we ever doubt ourselves, take a second to remember all the difficulties that you have gotten through. You are strong and you are a survivor.

So whenever self-doubt takes over, remind yourself that you have survived everything so far and are extremely strong! You got this!

Love, @powerofanxiety