Anxiety Life

We are all in this together

Anxiety sucks! Lets be honest… Whether you suffer from anxiety every so often, or an anxiety disorder, it affects our life immensely. It is not something that we choose or can decide not to feel. It is an emotion, but it is so much more than that, as it is our brain reacting to the perception of fear. When we were living in the caves, anxiety was helpful. We would see a bear and the anxiety reaction would kick in to either fight or run (the fight or flight response). In modern life, the bear is now our boss. The bills that need to be paid. The fear of losing our jobs. All of the above at the same time. It can get intense and become a vicious circle. The problem with anxiety, well one of the many problems, is that it makes us isolate ourselves. Sometimes we can’t face going out, being involved or have the energy to get things done. It can be lonely. With the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimating that almost 300 million people suffer from anxiety disorder, alone you are absolutely NOT! This anxiety journey can be lonely at times, but that is the last thing that you are. Feel free to use the website and social media pages to start a conversation, share your thoughts and experiences! We are all in this together! Love, @powerofanxiety