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Some days, understand that you just can’t

Our anxiety often makes us feel that other people do not understand that some days, we cannot do things. Even making the bed feels like it is to much.

It can be very difficult to explain that anxiety can render it impossible to complete simple tasks. We can often hear a lot of people saying, I get anxious and I can still do things or I do not let my anxiety affect me in that way. This is because anxiety is not the same as anxiety disorder.

When it feels like the world does not understand you, the most important thing is to understand yourself.

There are a few steps to doing this:

  1. Understand what anxiety disorder is and that what you feel is normal
  2. Honour what feels best for you
  3. Set boundaries to protect yourself
  4. Be kind to yourself

Some days will be great, others will be ok, and some may be difficult due to your anxiety. We cannot control how others see us, but we can control how we see ourselves. So on the days that the anxiety takes over, do not criticise yourself. Be gentle and kind, as you would be to a friend. Understand that you need self care, and use the day to take care of yourself. This will pass faster if you are not critical of yourself.

And until it passes, make time for yourself and do a guided meditation! It will relax your mind, body and spirit, and help you to get through the day.

Amazon have thousands of guided meditations, and it is free for 3 months, so you have plenty of time to find what works best for you. Subscribe, find yourself a comfy chair, search for guided meditations and enjoy!

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Love, @powerofanxiety